Evening lovelies! I say you come send us some apps. We’re a lot of fun I promise! But we can’t accept until we get more apps. So, how’s about you send us some?


You should come check us out!

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Come on and join in on the fun!

Where are all of my apps at? 

If you’re looking for an RP with fun people. This is the place for you!

How much do you love the One Direction boys?

We have a couple open so come and apply for those beautiful faces!

We now only need 2 more auditions before we can begin to accept!

Hiya lovely people of the roleplaying world; Admin Lanie here! All of the admins are around so now is the time to apply.

Anonymous said,

Sending in an app for Justin Hudson now!



It’s time for you guys to send us some apps! There are tons of awesome characters open!

Anonymous said,

Who are the apps for

Right now we have an app for Violet Puckerman and Sully Evans. We still need 3 more before we will accept any though.


Well I am the last admin awake! I can’t sleep so I am going to go get comfy and hope you give me some applications to read.

Anonymous said,

I love your rp and i might apply for either Hillary or Lydia

Oh you should!

Do you love the Teen Wolf cast as much as we do? Well we have most of the casts FC’s open! Come and apply for them so Raynee and Jake have there friends! 

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Why are there no new questions or apps people!